The information on this website is for informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as advice in any form. The decision to buy participations should be taken only after consultation of the prospectus of the particular fund. This document contains important information regarding the risks and costs that apply when Investing in the Commodity Discovery Fund. This prospectus is freely available at the Commodity Discovery Fund Management BV., Zandvoorterweg 77, 2111 GT in Aerdenhout, via our website www.cdfund.com or via +31 23 800 9970.

The value of the Fund’s underlying investments is subject to market fluctuations. Results achieved in the past are no guarantee for future returns. The value of the fund’s participations fluctuates with the share price development of the underlying investments. There is a potential that your participations will rise in value. It is however also possible that your participations will create little or no income at all, and may even partially or completely disappear should developments on the stock markets be unfavourable. Should an investment be considered, we strongly advise you contact a professional investment advisor beforehand, in order to be fully consulted.

The Commodity Discovery Fund has obtained a license from the AFM pursuant to section 2:65 AFS to offer rights of participation in the Fund in the Netherlands. As a result the fund is subject to AFM supervision.

The Commodity Discovery Fund will make all efforts to provide correct and current information on its website. However, the Commodity Discovery Fund cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or currentness of the information or data provided on its website, or where reference is made to the fund, and neither can it be held responsible for the appropriateness of using the presented information for a specific purpose. No rights can be derived from information presented on this website.

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